When you are having the field or garden, then sure you will have the chance of using shovel at least once in the lifetime. Suppose you have used more than one shovel, then you can find the huge difference according to the comfort, durability and performance.

Here comes the tricky part. Choosing the best and right shovel that are suitable for you and your work is can be hard since there are wide range of products available in the market. Such type of shovel will have some different attributes.

People generally don’t know whether to buy the short or long shovel, which shape of blades and what kind of material. When you are facing this problem, then precede further this guide and find

what type of shovel is best for digging?

Indo Digging Shovel is one among the top pick. Indo Square nose shovels are most popular for its high quality tools at the affordable cost and here you find no difference. Its durable, long steel handle can be perfect for the heavy duty work. The shovel can last long for more time.

Choosing the best shovel:

At first, you must understand what the shovel is and how it is completely different from the spade. A shovel is the best tool that can be used for moving, digging or lifting material from the one position to other position. You can make use of it with many different materials and here the main focus is on the soil and dirt in the backyard and field.

A spade is completely different from the shovel and each and everyone is having a unique opinion about it. Spades can be designed with the pointy sharp edge that can be strictly used to break the rough material such as concrete that can be lifted by the shovel later. Some people are using spades for moving materials but it won’t be effective as the shovel.

You can find the difference from the glance between the spade and the shovel. The shovel’s blade can be angled while the blade of the spade is straight.

Short or Long Handle:

If you need the long handle shovel or short handle shovel, then it depends on the tasks that you are trying to accomplish in the field. Choosing the perfect length can help you to efficiently work and keep the body safe all through the whole process.

Long handle shovel:


  • More strength
  • Leverage


  • More expensive
  • Break easily

Short handle shovel:


  • Cheaper
  • Best for limited space
  • Easy to store


  • Back strain
  • Holds small amount

Features of shovel:

Handle Design

The common handle types of shovel are “T” and the “D” grip. As mentioned before, there is no better design but it is completely up to you and how you lift and use your shovel. Some people find this “T” grip to be effectively suitable while others couldn’t live without any “D” grip. It is the complete matter of preference.

Before purchasing, make sure that you try using both. Try to find the one with the round blade as the design help you to find the best place to rest the feet on this shovel when trying to fit in ground for digging process.


The shovel blades are made up of stamped and cold pressed steel blades. It is not the tough decision, but the forged steel can be proven to the durable type for blades. When the shovel is tempered, then it can be the better add-on for such tool, but the price will be more.

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