A shovel is a tool with a broad blade on one end, which can be used for various purposes, such as digging, moving earth, snow, or coal. Labors use shovels for various purposes and the right shovel must be used for any task as it hampers productivity otherwise.

Here’s All You Need To Know About All The 11 Types Of Shovels Out There

There are various types of shovels available. The most common types of them are described below:

1. Edging Shovel – This type of shovel is used when clean and explicit edges need to be drawn in places such as lawns. Holding a long shaft at one end, it comes with a small semi-circular metal attached at the other end. The blade in this type of shovel is required to be very blunt as the shovel is pressed directly against the soil or lawn. As the bluntness of the shovel does most of the work, the shaft is shallow as it does not need to belong to be effective.

2. Trench Shovel – This type of shovel serves 2 purposes. Firstly, it is really good to work with to create shallow trenches. Secondly, it is widely used to clear out and neaten up the deep ditches created by more powerful tools. The tool comes with an elongated blade, which comes with a sharp tip. Due to the narrowness of the blade, there is no space left for the footplate. So, driving the footplate using bodyweight is not an option.

3. Snow Shovel – This shovel is one tool that will be found in the garage or store-room of all those people living in areas that experience frequent snowfalls. The metal grooves are attached with a long shaft, which is quite effective in moving snow.

4. Flat Shovel – As the name suggests, the blade in this tool is flat. This type of shovel is normally used for scooping as the blade comes with a concave shape. The flat blade with the concave shape also implies that this tool is not an ideal tool for digging purposes. Instead, it is widely used for moving raw materials around. It also works best on soft soils.

5. Tree Planting Shovel – As the name implies, this type of shovel reduces the time consumed in planting trees. It comes with both long and short shafts. This shovel undeniably resembles trench shovels so it can be used for creating shallow trenches also. Another application of this tool is cleaning up bigger trenches by picking up pebbles and other kinds of debris from bigger ditches or excavation projects.

6. Roundpoint Digger Shovel – It is best for making ditches in soft soils. However, if you are dealing with heavy clay, a rounded digger shovel might not be that effective.

7. Post-Hole Shovel – This shovel consists of 2 shovels attached, facing each other. This type of shovel is primarily used to create deep holes into which fences would be inserted. If the task involves creating a lot of post holes, investing in this tool is a worthwhile investment. The post holes so created are very neat and in better condition than those created through digging shovels.

8. Root Shovel – This tool varies in size and design, though, it contains long blades that are triangular. The blade can either have a pointed tip or a flat tip, depending on the purpose and intention of using this tool. The practical application of this type of shovel is that it is mainly used to cut through the roots of old trees that are generally really strong.

9. Scoop Shovel – Although the size of this shovel averages with other kinds of shovels, the blade of the shaft is sharper and blunter, compared with the blades of other shovels. The aluminum scoop shovel is found to have a shorter lifespan, while the shovel made up of other metals is considered to be stronger.

10. Handheld Shovel – This tool is widely recognized with many names. Some of the common terms associated with this type of shovel are hand shovel, hand trowel, belchaand garden spade. As it comes with a small shaft, ranging between 5-8 inches, it is mainly used for weeding out plants and digging holes for new plants. The blade of this shovel is convex, which makes up for better digging and scooping.

11. Round Point Shovel – This is the best tool used on tough soils or if we need to cut dig trenches on rocky grounds. The blade comes with a pointed tip and curved edges that aides in digging up a harsh piece of land.


To sum it all up, there are different types of shovels available and all of them have different applications. All these shovels serve a different purpose, which is denoted by their shape and size. Depending on what you need it for, you can pick the best Indo shovel for the job from Laxmi Metal Industries, Jaipur.

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