What is a Shovel?

A shovel is a hand tool that is used to move loose material such as dirt, sand, coal, or snow. It has a flat blade at one end and a pointed blade at the other. The pointed blade is used for digging and the flat blade is used for moving material.

Type of Shovel :

Depending on shape of blade -broadly two types of shovel are manufactured: Square Nose shovel and Round Nose Shovel.

Square Nose Shovel: This type of shovel is mainly used for moving or lifting heavy materials. The square Nose shovel is very handy when it comes to dealing with smooth soil. This is why this type of shovel is preferred in different gardening and construction work.

Round Nose Shovel: This is a very common type of shovel. A strong blade is a striking characteristic of this type of soil. The strong pointed blade can be used to cut through any type of soils. Round Nose Shovels are mostly used for digging. It is mostly used in hilly areas.

Trenching or Irrigation Shovel: This type of shovel has a square and narrow blade and it is used for making a deep hole without causing trouble to the nearby plants. Trenching Shovel is mostly used for removing or transplanting plants. It is also used for digging in various irrigation processes.

Garden Shovel: This is a complete tool that is used for a variety of purposes. It comprises of a round blade and a pointed tip. It is mostly used for digging, lifting, transplanting, and a different variety of garden tasks.

Type of shovel based on handle Material

Wooden Handle shovel: It is manufactured with Hard wood .Therefore ,these handles are strong & durable . Mostly used for Gardening and other General purposes.

Plastic Handle Shovel: These shovels have steel reinforced plastic Handles. It is used in industries for the lifting of material and its transfer.

Steel Handle Shovel: It is manufactured with Mild steel pipe Handle and as such , are unbreakable in nature. All steel pipe handle shovels finds application in boiler coal feeding and in coal-fired furnaces to feed the coal as fuel.

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