Usually, people visit a beach with their family and friends to spend quality time. There are so many activities to engage your children at the seaside. And, if you are staying with the youngsters, then carrying a beach shovel is a must. Therefore, let us learn about the tricks of picking the best beach shovel for use.


Choosing the right beach shovel is essential for your safety and effective digging. Let’s make it easy with some tips on choosing the right beach shovel.
A few basics –

  • A beach shovel has a flat, round steel blade with an angled handle, anywhere from five feet to six or seven feet long. The edge should be a minimum of seven inches wide, and the handle a minimum of twenty-four inches long.
  • To prevent breakage, the handle should be heavy gauge steel with good quality wood or fiberglass core. The blade should be eight gauges – about half an inch thick – and sharpened for efficient digging. The sharper it is, the easier it will be to dig in the sand.
  • A beach shovel is for digging, not prying or moving large amounts of material. If you need to move a lot of material at once – tons of wet, heavy sand – use an earth auger.
  • The weight of the blade will dictate how deep it can dig. A seven-inch knife should be able to penetrate at least two or three feet into the wet sand, preferably more.
  • The head of the shovel should be attached firmly to the handle. The last thing you need is a loose-headed shovel that can fall off and injure you as it swings around.


A good quality shovel will run you anywhere from forty to eighty dollars. If your budget is tighter, look for a plastic handle that is low-end shovels at hardware stores.

They are adequate but tend to break easily. It is not advisable to use wood or fiberglass handles because these materials are too frail for digging in the sand.


Beach shovels are available at hardware or garden supply stores, sporting goods stores, or online retailers. They are also often found at yard sales and thrift shops for a fraction of the cost. Look for shovels that have been well cared for and not the rusted ones or are out of shape.

Points to remember when buying the shovel:

The blade of a beach shovel must be sharp. If it is not, don’t buy it. A sharpened edge will dig much more efficiently than a dull one that skips over the surface of the sand or rips up clumps as you try to use it.

The head of the shovel should be firmly attached to the handle – you don’t want it to come loose and hurt you.

Keep the shovel clean and dry after using. Please do not leave it in your car or trunk. Store it in a cool, clean place, away from moisture and rust. An excellent way to store a beach shovel is upside down on an old vinyl shower curtain inexpensively at most hardware stores.

Choose a shovel that fits well and is balanced, so you don’t hurt your joints and muscles as you dig. Look for short, wide blades which offer the most digging power. Working with an unbalanced or unpleasant shovel will wear you out quickly and leave you feeling sore and tired.

A beach shovel should be high-quality steel – not cheap, flimsy, or rickety. The shovel should also have a good weight- heavy enough to know you are using a sturdy tool but light enough, so your arm doesn’t tire quickly.

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