Hand Shovel:

Laxmi Metal Hand shovel manufactures In Jaipur, india. Indo shovels are known for its quality and durability.The quality of our hand shovel is is comparable to tata belcha or tata shovel. Price of shovel (belcha) is always a deciding factor in purchases made by customers. Hand shovels are manufactured mainly in two types- Square Nose and Round Nose shovel.

India’s City, Jaipur is the place where the Hand Shovels are made for last four decades. In India Price of a shovel usually affects customers’ decisions when buying them. There are two types of hand shovels, Square Nose and Round Nose shovels, which have blades made from hot rolled steel.

Laxmi Metal manufactures shovel or belcha blades from hot rolled steel sheet. It usually have a folded seam or hem at the back to make a socket for the handle. This fold also called nose of shovel. It commonly provides extra rigidity to the blade and increase overall strength. The handles are usually riveted with metal blade. Metal clasps are commonly fitted to both side of top end of the handle to form a grip .It is designed and used for moving soil and minerals . The custom design shovel manufacturing is also possible for bulk requirements.

Hand shovel Usage :

  • It is ideal for compost and general back yard work.
  • The tool is used for removing soil and mineral powder transfer.
  • Heavy Duty Gardening or as Farming Shovel
  • Bitumen spreading on pavement
  • It is also used for mortar mixing on Construction sites

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