What is a Belcha?

Belcha is a tool that is used for lifting, digging, and majorly for moving bulk materials like coal, gravel, soil, sand, ore or snow. Belcha is commonly known as shovel. This belcha comes with a wooden handle attached to a broad blade. This belcha sheet is made up of heart plastic or steel sheet. To boost the grip of this belcha or to control the belcha it has a t-piece on the head of belcha.

What are the different types of Belcha?

There are different types of belcha available in the market full stop based on your design using material you can have various options in the market. If we focus on the material varieties then there are three major types of belcha available in the market (i.e.) wooden handle belcha, plastic handle belcha, and steel handle belcha.

Wooden Handle Belcha

To make it a durable, strong handle belcha hardwood is used. As majorly for gardening and general purpose this type of belcha wood handle has been taken into consideration. If we talk about the weight of this wooden handle belcha then comparative to other hander it is very heavy. This wooden handle belcha are more durable and won’t get broken easily. To lift or dig heavy weighted materials wooden handle belcha holds very strong grip. Make sure you choose wisely as per price you will get various options in wooden handle belcha.

Plastic Handle Belcha

As compared to wooden handle belcha this plastic handle belcha is lightweight and very easy to operate. Due to its light weight it makes work easier. This plastic handle belcha are made up of polymers which is made from the chemicals that is found in crude oil. In many types and sizes you can find this plastic handle belcha. As they are designed in a wide range. This plastic handle belcha are as small as a beach toy and as large as a scoop for snow. For light waited work this plastic handle belcha are more durable and best but for heavy weighted work they are not durable.

Steel Handle Belcha

This steel handle belcha are not that durable than wooden and plastic handle belcha for longer run. But if you are going with the best steel quality one then there are chances. Based on your usage you can select one as this steel handle belcha comes with various varieties in steel. Based on their quality the weight is there in the handle so choose wisely. The biggest drawback of steel handle belcha is they will rust. If you are using it or not but after some time they will automatically start to rust which will weaken the handle and the chance of breaking it into two parts will increase. Also due to rust it will become too fragile to use.

What is the purpose of Belcha?

In simple terms the major or you can say the important purpose of a belcha is to lift, dig and move the material from one place to another. Here the material can be anything as based on your usage and purpose of purchasing a belcha. For different tasks there are different types of belcha available in the market. The one which fulfils your task is the perfect one for you. Your major concern of saving time has been solved by the belcha. As it makes your work easier with good quality.

What is the price of Construction Belcha in India?

Based on quality and material added in the belcha decides belcha price. From min to max range of prices you can see in India. As there are many manufacturers available in India who will provide you a huge range in prices. But the best one with the best quality will always stick to a price. In three divisions a belcha is manufactured and the price is decided on the material quality which has been added in these three segments. All these three segments are very important in usage. So make sure you consider quality first.

Which is the best brand to buy Belcha?

In the market if you will see then there are various brands who provide you belcha with various types and prices options. Also we believe that belcha is not a tool which you are going to purchase on a monthly basis. It is going to be an investment for a minimum of one to two years.

For major peoples durability is the major concern and keeping in mind this concern we at indo-sovel believes in manufacturing the best quality belcha which not only make your work easier but are best in durability. We are being appreciated by our clients for the quality product that we manufacture and deliver. To ensure the quality and consistency every manufactured belcha passes through quality check. As we know that our customer is looking for perfect grip, high strength and best durability in their belcha. So in our every type of belcha we keep these major concerns into consideration.

If you are looking for a durable quality belcha then don’t think much we are just a call away. You can contact us for more information regarding varieties and types of belcha. With best belcha prices you can have the best quality one.

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