To make your work easy there are various tools in the construction line (i.e) for every specific function there is a tool. The best part about construction tools is that they are designed to last for longer times. Here in this guide we will tell you about the different construction tools and their usage. So, if you get confused about a particular tool usage you can always refer to this article.

Different Types of Construction Tools

Every tool has been designed for a specific function. So, before purchasing all the tools first make sure that what are you building and how much tools you need for the same. Here is the list of tools which you will need for construction.


A metal tool which comes in different sizes is wrencher. These sizes are based on a particular bolt or nut. As by twisting the tool you can loosen or tighten the bolt or nut. Usually people purchase a kit of wrenches that includes all sizes.


Flathead and phillips are the two major types of screwdrivers. Compared to electric screwdrivers and power drills the manual screwdrivers are better as with their bodies the heads are attached which don't fall off.


To dig the dirt and soil these spades or shovels are used as at the end it has a scoop and wedge. Usually for clearing trenches, yard work and electrical work it has been used. Not only this but for piping work or clearing away the tree roots people used shovels.

Pickaxes and Crowbars:

In the construction line to dig different objects this long steel crowbar tool is being used like to dig tree roots. People use it for regular digging also. On the other hand, pickaxes are sharp hand tools which have a flatter wedge on one end and a spear-like point on the other end. With this tool you can break hard soil.

Measuring Tapes and Rulers:

To measure the accurate distance and sizes of various different elements. This measuring tool is being used by construction workers. As compared to traditional rulers you can extend these measuring tape longer than 1 foot. Carrying measuring tapes is very easy as you can attach it with a belt.


A type of hand shovel design to some extent. But the work is totally different as it is used to cut bricks. To clear away the grout or mortar bolster is used.


After doing plastering this wooden tool is being used to smooth the concrete surface. As this tool has a handle on the top to hold and a wooden smooth surface on the bottom.


Construction industry people use this hoe tool to dig up roots of trees, to loosen soil that too from yard work or etc. also hoe is a hand tool which has metal plates and wooden handles.


In construction these power drills are fantastic tools. These drills come in cordless and corded metal or wood if you want to crave a hole then both the drills can be used. They need power to operate. Now drills come with batteries which are rechargeable. Just by pulling the trigger which is on the handle you can operate it.


A router is a tool which has been used for routes to a specific place in plastic or wood. These are majorly useful for carpentry and woodworking. From a hard material if you want to hollow a specific place the rotating drill is used.

Last Words:

The above listed tools are only few, there are many more tools which have been used in the construction line. To make every task easier there are numerous tools available in the market based on your requirement you can have your tools. We at indo shovel are here to guide you for the best contact us for more information.

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