Tips On Choosing Long Handled Shovels And Their Uses

Shovels/spades are tools that are necessary for dealing with your garden plants. There are many kinds available in the market. So, you may choose accordingly. There are large shovel, wooden handle shovel, plastic handle shovel, long wooden handle square shovel, and long plastic handle square shovel, pick the one that best suits your need. WHAT […]

The Ultimate Guide Shovel’s Uses

Digging shovels are designed to do just that. They feature a slightly curved spoon with upturned edges and a pointed (middle) or flat (left) tip. The pointed tips are generally used for digging and planting in soft, tilled soils, while the sharp, flat tips of the square tips are used more for tough, soils that […]

Shovel vs hoe, what’s the difference?

Hoe or Shovel? Know the Difference! Save the planet, save the environment, plant more trees are some of the slogans we hear and see all over the place. With the rapidly growing population, trees and plants are getting sliced down to provide accommodation to people. But that is alarmingly damaging the environment creating global warming. […]

How To Pick The Right Beach Shovel?

Usually, people visit a beach with their family and friends to spend quality time. There are so many activities to engage your children at the seaside. And, if you are staying with the youngsters, then carrying a beach shovel is a must. Therefore, let us learn about the tricks of picking the best beach shovel […]

Types of shovels: your complete guide to what works best where

Which is the Right Hand Shovel for You? A hand shovel or belcha or spade is one of the most important and popular garden tools. It is used for a variety of purposes. Selecting the right type of shovel tool will help you to avoid injuries, save time, and bolster efficiency. It will definitely help […]

The five tools you should always have on hand for clearing snow

5 Different Types of Snow Shovels and Their Uses Winter in hilly areas of India is often associated with snowy landscapes, holiday get-togethers, and fun activities in the snow. However, for some homeowners, winter is also associated with snow removal and other snow-related chores. Snow removal can be a drag, and if done incorrectly, can […]

Superior strength founded on excellence in design, engineering & manufacturing

Our Company is ISO -9001:2015 certified i.e. Quality Management System is certified as per the scope enumerated in ISO 9001:2015. Our never compromising attitude helps us to offer the Indo shovels as per the exact requirements of the clients and satisfy them completely. We also provide a customization solution, to manufacture the goods as per […]

How Do Shovels vs. Spades Differ?

A ‘shovel’ and a ‘spade’ are commonly confused terms. Did you realize, though, that they’re two completely different tools? The handle/shaft, blade, and shape are the most significant differences between shovels and spades. The main distinctions are summarized in this blog. Continue reading for more information. Materials, Weight, Shape, and Cost: Shovels and Spades In […]

5 Qualities to Consider When Looking For the Right Shovel

Many gardeners find satisfaction in the smell of freshly turned earth, the weight of a robust shovel, and the sight of lush bedding plants just waiting to be planted delicately into the ground. Many outdoor digging activities may be accomplished with a trustworthy garden shovel, such as digging holes for fencing, shoveling down to repair […]

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